Mater Misericordiae Mission strives to teach solid Catholic doctrine to those enrolled in catechism classes, those seeking to get married and those seeking to convert to the Catholic Faith. Catechism classes for children are offered during the school year. Marriage preparation classes are offered during times convenient with the priest and those to be married. If you have any questions, please contact the parish for more details about the reception of the Sacraments and catechism classes.

Mater Misericordiae Mission

Religious Education Program 2018-2019

Student Registration Information

  • $15 fee/student to offset cost of books, checks payable to Mater Misericordiae Mission
  • If you would like to request financial assistance, please contact Passo
  • Please register by August 26
First Communion/Confirmation:
  • Open to students in 2nd grade and older who have not yet received the Sacrament
  • Any child who is younger than 2nd grade and wishes to receive First Communion and Confirmation MUST receive approval from Fr
  • Children being homeschooled (receiving catechesis for the sacrament at home instead of with the parish) must still register using the registration form and check the appropriate
VERY IMPORTANT: Forms For Sacraments:
  • If your child is receiving a sacrament this year, the documents below will be due NO LATER THAN APRIL 21st. If forms are not turned in, your child will not receive the sacrament this school year and will have to wait until next Please turn documents in on time.
    • FIRST COMMUNION: (1) copy of Baptismal Certificate
    • CONFIRMATION: (1) copy of Baptismal Certificate and (2) a letter from the pastor of each of the Confirmation
Class Schedule
September 16, 2018 First Day of Classes
November 25, 2018 NO CLASS – Thanksgiving Weekend
December 23, 2018 NO CLASS – Christmas Break
December 30, 2018 NO CLASS – Christmas Break
April 14, 2019 NO CLASS – Palm Sunday
April 21, 2019 NO CLASS – Easter Sunday
May 5, 2019 Last Day of Classes
TBD First Confessions/Practice for First Communion/Confirmation
TBD First Holy Communion/Confirmation

To begin registration, click here to fill out the separate Registration Form to turn in.

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If you have any questions, please contact Ron Garcia: or 608-289-4033