The history of our parish goes back to June of 2004, when after 40 years, the Traditional Latin Mass was offered once again in the Diocese of Phoenix, publicly and with full approval of the newly appointed Bishop Thomas Olmsted. Desiring to follow the admonitions of Pope St. John Paul II (and later those of Pope Benedict XVI in 2007) to honor the “rightful aspirations” of those Roman Catholics who desired the older form of the Mass and Sacraments, Bishop Olmsted saw a real pastoral need to reach out to them and give them sufficient pastoral care. In 2005 Bishop Olmsted invited the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) to take care of those Catholics in the Diocese of Phoenix who desired the Traditional Roman Liturgy.

Fr. Kenneth Fryar was appointed as the first official FSSP chaplain and he administered to our community at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church. The next pastor, Fr. Joseph Terra found and secured the purchase of the current church property on West Monroe Street in Phoenix.

The people of Mater Misericordiae are grateful to Bishop Olmsted and the FSSP for the pastoral care provided at this parish. Our parish has also been blessed with at least 5 priestly vocations over the last several years, three having already been ordained a priest for the FSSP and others to follow.