Our Plan: Building for the 
Greater Glory of God

Building a beautiful new church is a remarkable opportunity before us and a testament to the grace and magnetism of the Traditional Latin Mass. Our community has grown from a few hundred families to over 1,000 in the last five years.

Our plan is to construct a new parish center on our current property at 4410 Southern Ave. We will begin with a new St. Edwards church that provides for our growth and that gives Greater Glory to God.

Already, many are giving sacrificially to this effort

Will you help us?

A New Church

The church will seat between 700-800 people, which will be double our current size.  Most likely, the church will be constructed initially with a relatively austere interior and exterior.  Once additional funds are secured, we will complete the facade and towers you see illustrated here, add new pews, interior painting, statues, and other architectural embellishments.

The plan is for the church to be situated just Northeast of the center of the property.  This will allow us to retain the current St. Edward’s church that can be converted to a hall until a new parish hall can be constructed.  We will also maintain a large green area to be used before and after Mass as well as for major parish events.

The Church will be a beacon of light for those who have been inspired by and drawn to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Prayer to the Immaculate infant Jesus of prague

O Miraculous Infant Jesus! We beseech You to cast a merciful look on our troubled hearts.  Let your tender heart, so inclined to pity, be softened at our prayers and grant us that grace which we ardently implore (For a successful campaign to soon construct a new church at St. Edward the Confessor).  Take from us the affliction and despair, the trials, and misfortunes with which we are laden.  For the sake of Your sacred infancy, hear our prayer and send us consolation and aid that we may praise You with the Father and the Holy Ghost forever and ever.  Amen