Frequently asked questions

What is the proper attire to wear to Holy Mass?

One should wear his/her Sunday best. No tank tops, shorts or mini-skirts. The tradition of ladies wearing chapel veils is encouraged. During weekdays, your work attire is fine.

How do I follow along with the Mass?

The Saint Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal for the Traditional Latin Mass is available in all pews. This contains the ordinary text for the Mass in both English and Latin side-by-side, as well as the propers for Sundays and major feast days. Also, the parish Notitiae bulletin contains the propers for Sunday Masses. Printed copies are located on the table in the vestibule upon entering the church.

Is there space in the church available for the handicapped?

There is space near the front and back pews for parking your wheelchair.

Is there a place where nursing mothers, or mothers with disorderly children can go and still follow the Mass?

We have installed a video feed in the parish hall so that those attending to little children can still follow along with the Mass. We are also happy to announce there will also soon be an improved audio system

How do I make a good Confession?

A good confession must be humble, sincere, and entire. Affected by sorrow and shame for having offended God, one enters the confessional and tells the priest “Bless me father, for I have sinned. My last confession was [mention how long it has been since your last confession]”. Then proceed to tell the priest your sins. All unconfessed mortal sins must be confessed by stating the kind of sin it was, as well as the number of times it was committed. If you are struggling with the confession process, don’t be afraid to ask the priest for help. After stating one’s sins, listen to the advice and penance which the priest gives you, pray the Act of Contrition when he directs you to do so, and after departing from the confessional, do the penance which the priest gave you.

What is required to go to receive Holy Communion?

To receive Holy Communion one must be a Catholic in good standing with the Church, not conscious of having committed any mortal sin since one’s last confession, and must have fasted for at least one hour from all food and drink (except for water and medicine) before receiving the Eucharist. At Mater Misericordiæ Catholic Church, Holy Communion is received kneeling and on the tongue. To make this process easier, please do the following carefully: close your eyes, tilt your head back, open your mouth wide, extend your tongue, and do not move until the Sacred Host is placed on your tongue. There is no need to respond “Amen”.

How do I become Catholic?

To become Catholic one must receive the Sacrament of Baptism, or, if one has already been baptized and wants to join the Catholic Church, a Profession of Faith must be made. Before one is baptized or makes a Profession of Faith, he must be taught the truths and duties of the Faith. If you would like to become Catholic, call the parish, or talk to a priest after Mass.

How do I become a member of Mater Misericordiæ Catholic Church?

If you’ve been attending Mass at Mater Misericordiæ we are happy to have you!  All who live within the borders of the Diocese of Phoenix are welcome to register for membership in our community. We invite you to register formally using forms available on table in vestibule (back of church).


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